Sales Price List

BusinessCard - 2013-05-03

Sales Price List

ImageItemSales price
10m warm/cool white LED fairy light string (220v) R590.00
Globe Light String (outdoors)R75.00 per metre
5m cool white fairy light string (batteries not included- not inter-connectable)R85.00
3m warm white fairy light string (batteries not included- not inter-connectable)R95.00
2m wide x 3m drop fairy light curtain (220v)R1995.00
LED T-LightsR25.00
Floating OrbsR95.00
Floral mini light strings (ideal for flower arrangements)R70.00
Submersible LED aqua lights (different colours)R28.00
Submersible remote controlled aqua lights (Pure/Warm white – pack of 12, multi colours – pack of 10 lights ) R490.00
Submersible remote controlled uplighter (13 colours)R205.00
Submersible mini LED light tube string (for tall/narrow vases)R70.00
White base light/vase uplighterR198.00
Water beads per packetR17.00
Chinese lanternsR33.00
LED balloons (same colour or multipack - pack of 5)R72.00
10 watt LED Uplighter with leadR300.00



The 10m fairy light strings are inter-connectable up to 300m per plug point. Swiss Technology, long lasting, white cable, IP 44 can be used indoors and outdoors


The curtains are Swiss made, long- lasting, can be used indoors and outdoors. Extra width can be added to the curtains if required as they are inter-connectable.