New Products

New products on offer:

Globe light curtain: Something different for a backdrop or focus area and also looks great when reflecting against a large window or mirror.

Remote Controlled Submersible Aqua Lights: pack of 12Remote controlled submersible aqua lights

Remote Controlled Submersible Aqua Lights: Ideal for in vases or flower arrangements. The aqua lights come with a remote, one remote for a pack of 10 or 12 lights. Now setup can be done in advance and the lights be switched on at a push of a button, saving valuable time!

Vintage globe light string, battery operated: 3m in length with 20 mini lamps per string, these string lights are ideal for table decor or any place where a plug is not nearby. They created a beautiful atmosphere and stunning to look at.

Remote controlled LED wax pillar candle: 10cm in length, one remote operates mulitiple candles, different colours available at a push of a button. Realistic candle glow. Ideal for table decor, walkways & gardens, focus areas etc and no worries about the wind blowing out any flame…all battery operated.