Black Cabled Naked Bulbs Outdoors

New Year SALE is Here!!!

It is a new year! May it be a blessed 2019 for everyone! Thank you to everyone who supported EC Lighting Solutions during 2018. We look forward to being of service to you in this new year.

We start off this year with a fantastic offer: Naked Bulb Lines, Fairy Light Strings and Fairy Light Curtains on Sale NOW!. For discount prices, contact us on 0813799899 or send an email to

Naked Bulbs on Sale

Black Cabled Naked Bulbs Outdoors

New in stock are Black Cable, Naked Bulb Lines. They come in 10m lengths, are inter-connectable up to 40m and have water resistant lampholders. View a video here

The black cable makes it a very attractive option for outdoor lighting as well as having water resistant lampholders.

Naked Bulbs, black cable
Naked Bulbs, water resistant
Outdoor Naked Bulbs

Fairy Light Strings on Sale

Fairy Light Strings come in 10m lengths and inter-connect up to 300m per plug point. They are dimmable and can easily connect to a fairy light curtain top belt, making it very use-friendly for detailed installations.

Fairy Light Strings over dance floor

Fairy Light Strings are warm white in colour (more yellowish) and have a white cable. The LED lights are durable and are of high quality, guaranteeing many seasons of usage.

'Close-up on fairy light stings'

Fairy Light Curtains on Sale

These lights are so versatile and easily inter-changeable with the fairy light strings as well. They come in 2m wide x 1.5m drop or 3m drop sections.

'Fairy Light Curtain used with Fairy Light Strings

The curtains have a white cable and are warm white in colour. They can inter-connect up to 10m per plug point and are dimmable.

'Close-up of Fairy light curtain'
'Couple in front of fairy light curtain'