Venues and Lighting

Venues and Lighting

Lighting can totally transform a venue. It is a good idea to keep in mind what “look” and atmostphere you want to create when deciding on a venue.

Weltervreden 28

Fairy light strings with fairy light curtain as a feature

Many venues have a permanent tent structure that is used for receptions. If you want to use overhead lighting, first check how high the ceiling is. This type of structive could do well for perimeter lighting around the tent and with strands going towards the centre poles. Fairy lights and/or globe light strings on a dimmer works well.


Naked bulbs

When considering having naked bulbs, there needs to be attachments points for the lines. Beams and rafters are ideal to attach the naked bulbs lines to. Naked bulbs also need height to drop from so a relatively high ceiling works wells for naked bulbs. They can run in straight lines overhead tables or in a random design, great for above dance floors.


Naked bulbs in random design

Globe light strings are dimmable which is advised when used indoors otherwise they emit too much light.


Globe light strings

They are a great source of light for outdoor seating/eating areas and dancefloors. These lights are very durable and can also be used permanetly outdoors

Globe light string as light source